INFLPR Branch Director contest announcement

The National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR) is organizing a contest for the position of director of the INFLPR Branch, Institute of Space Sciences (ISS).

The field of ISS Branch activity is fundamental and applied research, of public and national interest, in the fields of photonics, plasma and electron accelerators, astrophysics, space engineering and gravity, in accordance with the provisions from the Appendix of the Decision nr. 1581/2004 for the approval of the Regulation of organization and operation of INFLPR published in the Official Gazette of Romania nr. 965 from the 21st of October of 2004, Part I.

The participation conditions are listed in appendix nr.1 of the contest methodology.

The contest file must contain:
• The application form (provided by the Human Resources and Payroll Service) and file summary;
• Copy of the identity card;
• Copies of the bachelor's degree or equivalent, as well as the doctoral degree in sciences; copies of other diplomas or professional or academic titles may also be included, from both domestic and foreign institutions, including master's degrees and/or diplomas/certificates of completion/participation in management courses, if applicable;
• Europass curriculum vitae;
• Self-assessment form, filled out by the candidate, presenting the fulfillment of the participation conditions at the date of publication of the competition announcement, according to Annex No.1 to the regulations;
• Documents attesting the fulfillment of the participation conditions, according to Annex No.1 to the regulations;
• Experience and results obtained in research activities - structured according to the requirements and evaluation criteria from Annex No. 4 to this Regulation;
• Managerial offer structured according to the requirements from Annex No. 5 to this Regulation.
• At least 2 original letters of recommendation relevant to the experience in the institute's field of activity or in a related field, provided independently by at least 2 individuals, specialists with national and/or international reputation and recognition;
• Solemn declaration, signed and dated by the candidate, under the penalty of consequences for false statements in accordance with the current Romanian legislation, for breaches of ethics or misconduct in the research activity;
• Solemn declaration, signed and dated by the candidate stating that they do not hold any shares or stocks, both the candidate and his relatives, spouse, and his in-laws up to the second relative degree inclusively, in a commercial company with which INFLPR or its branch has direct commercial relations.
• Criminal record;
• Medical proof of good health status.

The schedule of the contest is:



Publication of the contest announcement


Deadline for submitting the applications


Deadline for the verification and selection of the contest files- phase 1


Submission of Appeals - Phase I


Resolution of Appeals Submitted after Phase I


Deadline for the analysis and evaluation of the contest files- stage 2/ phase 1


Date for the interview- stage 2 / phase 2


Display of Results


Submission of Appeals - Phase II


Resolution of Appeals Submitted after Phase II


Estimated date for the validation of the file of the candidate declared winner


Place of the interview: Headquarters of INFLPR–409 Atomiștilor street, Măgurele, Ilfov.
The documents provided for consultation are available at the secretary of the competition committee.

The competition regulations can be found at

English version of competition regulations is at

More information can be found at the secretary of the competition committee: phone 021.301.41.99/ inside 600, email: .

Chief Executive Director,
Dr. Nicolae-Cristian Mihailescu

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