Micro - and Nanoscale Optical Imaging of Biological Species and Advanced Materials - Miercuri, 27 Martie 2024, ora 11:00

Seminar General

Miercuri, 27 Martie 2024, ora 11:00

CETAL, Sala de seminar

Titlu: "Micro - and Nanoscale Optical Imaging of Biological Species and Advanced Materials"

Prezintă: Stefan G. Stanciu, Hab. Dr., Center for Microscopy - Microanalysis and Information Processing,
National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA Bucharest

Abstract: Modern investigation frameworks used for the characterization of biologi¬cal matter, advanced mate-rials or devices rely on a wide variety high-resolution imaging modalities. Among these, optical na-noscopy techniques are gaining increasing interest, as their resolution capabilities can render signifi-cant breakthroughs in multiple key scientific domains, as highlighted by the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for the advent of “super-resolved fluorescence microscopy”. The Center for Mi-croscopy-Microanalysis and Information Processing at POLITEHNICA Bucharest (CMMPI-PB) fo-cuses on research devoted to the development of various applications of light and scanning probe microscopies in life and materials sciences, and to the development of novel microscopy/nanoscopy techniques. The design and implementation of digital image processing and data analysis methods represent important topics of interest as well, with microscope image enhancement and bioimage classification standing among the most prominent applications in this area.
In this talk I will present the basic concepts of a series of techniques available at CMMPI-PB, along with research results obtained in recent years in the frame of national and European research projects. Specifically, I will discuss notable applications of several types of microscopy and nanosco-py techniques covering optical resolutions in the 500 microns – 1 nanometer range (e.g. Brightfield Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, Re-scan Confocal Microscopy, Image Scanning Microscopy, Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy, Two Photon Excited Fluorescence, Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy, scattering-type Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy, etc.). In this context, I will also highlight the advantages of a home-made prototype system for correlative multimodal im-aging, capable to acquire registered images with distinct far-field and near-field microsco-py/nanoscopy techniques based on complementary contrast mechanisms and operating at different scales. In the final part of this talk, I will provide an overview of recent work at CMMIP-UPB bridg-ing artificial intelligence and bioimaging.

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