The results of the research in INFLPR published in prestigious international journals


The article "LGYSB:Nd − High-Performance Lasing in the Near-Infrared Region", by A. Broasca, M. Greculeasa, F. Voicu, S. Hau, C. Gheorghe, G. Croitoru, N. Pavel, G. Stanciu, A. Petris, P. Gheorghe, F. Albota, A. Serban, L. Gheorghe, was published in the prestigious Journal of the American Chemical Society ( with impact factor IF = 15.0 and article influence score AIS = 4.068, according to ISI Web of Knowledge. The laser emission performances of the newly developed LGYSB:Nd crystal, characterised by slope efficiencies that surpass those of the well-known YAG:Nd crystal, demonstrate its outstanding properties to generate efficient laser emission at 1062 nm.