Dr. Arnaud Petit: The interest of spectroscopic biodetection techniques, Secţia Laseri, Joi, 24 Mai 2018, ora 11:00

Seminar General

Joi, 24 Mai 2018, ora 11:00

Secţia Laseri, Sala de seminar

Titlu: "The interest of spectroscopic biodetection techniques"

Prezintă: Dr. Arnaud Petit, Universitatea Mons, Belgia

Rezumat: In this talk, I will review the spectroscopic devices suitable for the investigation of biodetection. To support the presentation, a specific case will be considered using a fully spectroscopic technique (FTIR-ATR). A specific example will be described dealing with Verrucarin A (VerA) which is a toxic trichotecene mycotoxin that can be produced indoors at very low level by moulds contaminating dwellings and may be associated with several human health problems. We will describe how to detect VerA using a new anti-VerA rat monoclonal antibody (mAb). Competitive ELISA and FTIR-ATR techniques will be compared for detection of VerA in buffer and in complex dust samples obtained from dwellings.
After optimization, the competitive ELISA showed a sensitivity of 7.43 ng/ml of VerA in PBS and a dynamic range below one order of magnitude. The FTIR technique improved the detection of the VerA by three orders of magnitude (2.5 pg/ ml in buffer and 6 pg/ml when spiked in dust samples). The dynamic range for its detection extended over four orders of magnitude.