Dr. Viorel Chihaia: Computer Modeling of Materials and Radiation, CETAL, Miercuri, 9 Mai 2018, ora 11:00

Seminar General

Miercuri, 9 Mai 2018, ora 11:00

CETAL, Sala de seminar

Titlu: “Computer Modeling of Materials and Radiation”

Prezintă: Dr. Viorel Chihaia – Institutul de Chimie Fizică "Ilie Murgiu", Academia Română.

Rezumat: The experimental and theoretical investigations have clarified many aspects of the materials irradiation, but the development of numerical methods and the increase of the computing power allow a better understanding of the interaction mechanisms by combined experimental - theoretical - simulation approaches.
In this discussion I present the main principles of the particle-based (by static and dynamics calculations based on quantum, classical and coarse-graining interactions) and field-based (by discretization of the partial differential equations) methods capable to characterize the behavior and properties of materials, the computing and analysis techniques, and how they can be adapted to investigate the radiation effects on materials. Most attention is given to how this simulation and analysis methods are applied rather than how they are developed. The effects of the irradiation on the structural, dynamic and thermodynamic properties of the materials are considered.