Biology Lab

  1. Vertical Laminar airflow hood
    Class: II biohazards; Filter: HEPA; Airflow speed: 0.4m/sec; Decontamination: UV light
  2. Leica DM4000 B LED -Fluorescence Microscope
    Working mode: transmission or reflection; Fluorescence filter: DAPI (350/50), FITC (450/490), Texas Red (562/40); Objective: 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x
  3. Leica DMi1- Light microscope
    Optical system: Infinity corrected (HCS); Contrast methods: Transmitted light: Brightfield, Phase Contrast for cell cultures.
  4. Freezer TSE series, model TSE240GP
    Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific; Name: TSE series, model TSE240GP; Capacity: 368L, 240 x2” cryobox; Dimensions: 130.8x58.7x49.3 cm HxWxD
  5. Cell Culture CO2 incubator, Model CCl-240T-8 CO2 incubator
    Volume: 170 liters; Sensor: Infrared
  6. 3-18KS Centrifuge
    Temperature Control: 4-40°C; Rotor with 4 cups; Cups adaptors d=85mm; Adaptors for 15 and 50 mL falcons
  7. Apollo LB913 UV-VIS spectrometer
    Detector: photodiode; Excitation: LED, range 400-700nm; Plate reader 96 wells; Scan read: 20s/wavelength; Shacking with 4 different amplitudes; Filters: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm and 595nm
  8. Autoclave 8L
    Volume: 8 litters; Temperature control: 20 to 130°C
  9. CRP-18X Microplate shaker
    Motor type: BLDC; Type of movement: orbital shaker 2.00mm motion; Speed: 300rpm to 1800rpm; Maximum volume: 384x60uL; Dimensions: 127x85x86 mm
  10. CRV-45X Vortex
    Type of movement: Orbital; Shaker diameter: 4.5mm; Permissible shaking weight: 100g; Maximum speed: 4500rpm