INFLPR Seminar, Thursday, 22 June 2017, 12:00 pm, PPNF Laboratory, INFM - Seminar Room, Dr. Florin Spineanu: "Solutions to the drift kinetic equation"

INFLPR Seminar

Thursday, 22 June 2017, 12:00 pm

PPNF Laboratory, INFM - Seminar Room

Title: "Solutions to the drift kinetic equation"

Lecturer: Dr. Florin Spineanu

Work Sessions of Plasma Theory, Third meeting

Abstract: We have done up to now a general and rather simplified excursion within the space of the neoclassical basis of transport in toroidal plasma. We have seen how the magnetic geometry imposes a set of equations of motion for the charged particles, then we have derived the drift kinetic equation; as a first departure from the kinetic description we examined basic flows (diamagnetic, Pfirsch Schluter) in the equilibrium state. We would have wanted to do more but we need to include viscosity such as to connect the friction forces to the fluxes. For this, we need to solve the drift-kinetic equation.
Then we do this in two steps.
First we show how the drift kinetic equation is solved for equilibrium flows (no instability yet). (Third meeting)
Second, we will discuss more carefully the collision operators.(This will be the fourth meeting)
These two parts will be of smaller extension but will prepare the discussion of the rotation of the plasma, so important for when we will turn to instabilities and turbulence.