Seminar INFLPR, Miercuri, 27.04.2016, ora 10:00, Sectia Laseri, Dr. Marius Dumitru: "Laser processing of materials for sensor applications"

Sunteti invitati sa participati la seminarului stiintific de miercuri, 27.04.2016, ora 10:00 din Sectia Laseri care va cuprinde prezentarea D-lui Marius Dumitru cu titlul "Laser processing of materials for sensor applications"

A sensor is a system that analyzes a specific input from its environment and provides a specific output. Sensors are types of transducers as they can convert one form of energy into another. The specific input could be: light, pressure, sound, magnetic field, gas concentration, chemical composition, etc. The output of the sensor depends of applications and design; a thermometer indicates the temperature thru change in mercury column height while an oxygen sensor of an engine control module gives an electric signal.
The plants and animals are packed with a variety of sensors proving the importance of sensing. Modern technology depends on sensors, at some time in history, the sensors made possible important leaps; one good example is the oxygen sensor which allowed the electronic control of fuel injection in engine management, improving fuel economy and greatly reducing the pollution. Another important application is the detection of different gases, reducing life hazard.
Organic and inorganic thin films are useful for a wide range of applications including sensing applications. Laser processing of materials can provide thin films and other types of advanced materials for sensor design. Using Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation we successfully obtained gas sensors and biosensors.