INFLPR Seminar, Thursday, 12 May 2022, 11:00 am, Dr. G. MIRON: Calculul 3D al ecuatiilor perturbatiilor ideale in plasma tokamak

INFLPR Seminar

Thursday, 12 May 2022, 11:00 am

INFM, Seminar Room

Contract number: 16N /2019

Project: PN 19 15 01 01, "Emerging research of lasers, plasma, radiation and their applications in the fields of intelligent specialization and public interest"

Phase no. 94: "Calculul 3D al ecuatiilor perturbatiilor ideale in plasma tokamak"

Deadline: 14.04.2022

Responsible: Dr. G. MIRON

Lecturer: Dr. G. MIRON

Abstract: A model has been built to be validated by testing the dynamic behavior of the ideal perturbations in tokamak plasmas. The model has been initially validated for the resistive neoclassical perturbations case and now the aim is to also describe the ideal modes behavior. Due to the fact that the ideal perturbations do not suffer a jump of its radial derivative associated perturbed magnetic flux across some inertial layer as in the resistive case, namely there is no such a discontinuity but usually a plasma pressure gradient responsible for the ideal mode, the ideal local perturbation amplitude growth rate and the bootstrap current are simply not considered as in the more general resistive case. The aim of testing our modified model and code is against real discharges where ideal perturbations are reported. Our calculated ideal modes amplitude and frequency are to be compared to the experimental results gathered and subsequently processed by data analysis peculiar software. A good match has been found between our calculated results and the experimental ones leading to an expected model validation also for the ideal perturbations. A handy tool is provided for real plasma discharges, a tool able to be used, due to its proven validity, for the derivation of plasma quantities that are difficult to be derived or for checking various diagnostic data reliability.