Iridescent 2022

About iridescence as a visual phenomenon, about the resemanticization of the world by its spectral coloring, about the surface of things disturbed by the geometries of the gaze, about the bright fur of the leopard and the glittering mind of the fox (Aesop), about Darwin’s journal and the rebellious bioluminescent sea creatures, about the symbiotic relationships (quorum sensing) of fish with luminescent bacteria, about the negotiation between inside and outside as a form of camouflage that suspends or collapses reality to allow new worlds to appear, about the visible and the invisible at Merleau-Ponty, about the surface as a place of densification and multiplication of experiences, about the rainbow in the puddle and the politics of capitalist glitter, about the unseen and dark face of iridescence, about the fascination immediately available but also dispensable, about the discovery of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) found in crystal jellyfish that revolutionized research in cell biology and dynamics of diseases, about territories of artistic research that produce intellectual sparkles, about so many other things that we can reconfigure together.


  • Ana Maria Krapal (biologist);
  • Radu Vancu (writer);
  • Mihai Ometiță (researcher in philosphy);
  • Bogdana Mitu (physicist);
  • Paul Breazu (journalist, cultural remixer cultural, DJ).

Alexandra Andronic (culinary artist, baker).

Closing audio session:
Chlorys /Platforma Corp. DJ Set.

Free-entry event.

Alexandra Andronic (culinary artist, baker)
I am fascinated by nature and our relationship with food. My goal is not only to cook food, but to feed those who taste it. Most of the time, I use few ingredients while trying to make the most of them. In recent years, I have discovered dozens of edible plants that grow effortlessly all around us and that I can no longer ignore.
I try to popularize the fact that nature can give us more than we have come to believe, that it is a huge source of food and safety, in which we must learn to trust and which we must deeply respect.

Bogdana Mitu (physicist)
Light has always been a point of maximum fascination for mankind, and the change in external perception of the color of some surfaces, a phenomenon often encountered in nature, has led to the development of optical theories to the current level of knowledge. My proposal is to have a brief foray into the fascinating world of light, where you will learn how nature changes or survives due to the interaction of light with structures with amazing precision, but also how man has developed increasingly advanced systems and devices based on manipulating light to meet the requirements of the modern society.

Bogdana Mitu is a first degree scientific researcher at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics. With 25 years of experience in plasma physics and applications, she is directly involved in the development of low-pressure, atmospheric plasma-based systems and configurations for materials processing, from surface modifications to the synthesis of nanostructured and nanocomposite materials. Applications can range from medical to energy and from sensor to seed treatment.

After a three-year break, the Bucharest National Center for Dance (CNDB) returns with an international festival dedicated to contemporary dance, performing arts and other contents and formats: 10 choreographic productions from abroad and from Romania, workshops, conferences, group dinners, DJ sets, a listening session, an evening of poetry & a concert and a marathon of ideas for planet Earth, which give space to emancipatory speeches, and, last but not least, bring the joy of continuing together.

The Iridescent Festival is a space for exploring relevant concepts/topics, in relation to what affects our societies and communities now. The 2022 edition addresses current issues (climate crisis, biodiversity, feminism, micro-stories), questions anthropocentrism, provokes unfamiliar, critical and perhaps even uncomfortable ways of thinking. Bring people together.

The full schedule of Iridescent Festival is available here: