The scientific dimension of the art

Marian Zamfirescu - The light carries information

In science, light and in particular laser radiation has become the subject or working tool in almost all the great scientific discoveries for which the Nobel Prize has been awarded. Beyond these exceptional discoveries made in research laboratories, light and lasers are used in almost every activity, from technological processes to medical techniques and aerospace and defense technologies. The laser is already a universal tool: it welds, cuts, measures distances from molecular dimensions to the distance between the earth and the moon, transmits information via fiber optics from messages between friends to interbank transactions, detects and investigates substances from air pollutants and water even detects viruses, including QSARS-VOC-2. All this is possible because people have learned the nature of light and how to use it. And this is just the beginning.

Interview with Dr. Marian Zamfirescu - Director of the National Research and Development Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics
Director Mihaela Ghiță

Radio Romania Cultural
Science Editorial Office