Professor Steven Rose: "New directions in High Energy Density Physics", IFIN - HH, sala de conferinţe, Miercuri, 2.11.2016, ora 10:00

Seminar General

Miercuri, 2 Noiembrie 2016, ora 10:00

IFIN - HH, sala de conferinţe

Titlu: "New directions in High Energy Density Physics"

Prezintă: Professor Steven Rose


The world's most powerful lasers have allowed us to heat and compress plasmas to the highest macroscopic energy density ever achieved in the laboratory. Over the last thirty years we have discovered how, not only to produce those conditions, but to devise experiments that allow high quality information to be recorded. In this talk I will describe high energy density physics experiments already undertaken as well as future experiments that are planned. In particular, I will describe experiments on lasers that attempt to recreate conditions found in the Sun and in other extreme astrophysical objects.