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Institutul National pentru Fizica Laserilor, Plasmei si Radiatiei este un institut de cercetare de nivel national stabilit prin hotarare a Guvernului Romaniei in anul 1977 cu misiunea de a conduce cercetari fundamentale si aplicative la nivel national si international in domeniile fotonicii, plasmei si acceleratoarelor de electroni. Institutul a fost reorganizat in 1996 cand Institutul de Stiinte Spatiale (ISS) a devenit filiala a INFLPR.

INFLPR se finanteaza pe baza de proiecte castigate in competitii nationale si internationale, finantate din fonduri publice si/sau fonduri private, in parteneriat cu alte institutii de cercetare sau intreprinderi publice sau private.

INFLPR reuneste 447 cercetatori ale caror preocupari acopera cercetari asupra laserelor de mare putere si a materialelor fotonice, nanomaterialelor si nanotehnologiilor, elaborarea de tehnologii informationale si dot-uri cuantice, tehnologii de acoperire in plasma si microtomografie de raze X, biofotonica si aplicatii medicale ale fotonicii. ISS are preocupari in domeniul astrofizicii, inginerie spatiala si gravitatie.

In acest moment INFLPR este membru in asociatia EURATOM, partener in Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), partener in LASERLAB Europe, ALICE, si conduce proiecte finantate de EU, NATO si alte organizatii nationale si internationale.

The 5-th LASER IGNITION CONFERENCE 2017 - LIC ’17 – 20-23 June 2017, Hotel NOVOTEL Bucharest City Centre, Bucharest, ROMANIA


LASER IGNITION CONFERENCE is an international forum for discussion on various aspects of laser-induced ignition, including novel giant-pulse micro-lasers, measurements and characterisation of plasma induced by laser ignition, new phenomena of laser breakdown or advanced combustion systems, packing of laser systems for harsh combustion environments and their applications. The purpose of this meeting is to share information on laser ignition and related sciences and technologies. The conference will be held at Hotel Novotel Bucharest City Centre, Calea Victoriei 37B, Bucharest, Romania, on June 20-23th, 2017 with the sponsorship from the European Union, the Micro Solid-State Photonics Group of the Laser Society of Japan and in cooperation with Optical Society of America and several academic societies and associations.

10-th International Conference on Photoexcited Processes and Applications (ICPEPA-10), August 29 – September 2, 2016, Brasov, Romania


The topics range from fundamental laser‐material interactions, theory and modeling to applications with nanoparticles and nanophotonics as well as photoexcitations. The conference intends to create an atmosphere for scientific presentations at the forefront of the field and an informal exchange of ideas in a relaxing environment. Peer-reviewed papers submitted at the conference will be published in a Special Issue of an international Journal.

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