Scientific Council

Functions of the Scientific Council:
a) Participate in the development strategy of institute's research and development;
b) Prepares the annual report of research results;
c) Examines and approves scientific research projects and their institutional achievement;
d) Endorse the policy research of the institute;
e) Approves the proposals for organization and reorganization of the institute;
f) Propose measures for professional training;
g) Make proposals to organize employment and promotion contests;
h) Propose the Commissions for promotion contests and confirm the contests' results;
i) Organize scientific actions;
j) Endorse the actions of domestic and international scientific cooperation;
k) Approves the granting of scholarships and internship training.

Contests' Commissions

I. Contest Commission for employment as SC function includes:

Dr. Serban Georgescu

Dr. Gheorghe Dinescu
Dr. Angela Staicu

II. Contest Commission for employment as SC III function includes:

Dr. Traian Dascalu

Dr. Madalina Vlad
Dr. Ion Tiseanu
Dr. Carmen Ristoscu


  1. Contests as CS and CS3 functions will take place between 27.09.2010 to 08.10.2010
  2. Annexes 2 and 3 of the CS promotion Rules were supplemented with a new exam curriculum for candidates in chemistry specialty
  3. The Scientific Council Secretary, Dr. Gabriel Socol, can provide on request the Bibliography found in Annex 3, as electronic documents
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