Low Temperature Plasma Laboratory

Elementary Processes in Plasma and Applications Group

Group leader: Dr. Cristian P. Lungu

Beryllium coatings on JET fusion reactor smart tiles using TVA method; Combinatorial deposition of 2 and 3 elements (Be, C, W) for fusion technology fundamental research; GMR, CMR and TMR materials preparation and characterization; Ni coatings for solar cell electrodes; Elementary processes studies in liquid solution and excimer mixtures of Krypton/ Halogen type; Tribological coatings; etc.

Plasma Coatings Group

Group leader: Dr. Cristina Surdu-Bob

Thermoionic Vacuum Arc (TVA) plasma: deposition of thin films of any metal and also DLC on different substrates (metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, textile, leather) for both research and industry.

Plasma Processes, Materials and Surfaces Group

Group leader: Dr. Gheorghe Dinescu, Senior Scientist, 1st Degree, Professor, Doctoral School of Physics, University of Bucharest

Fundamental and applicative research on plasma processes, low and atmospheric pressure gas discharges for obtaining new materials and functional surfaces, thin films, plasma sources and devices useful in technology, environment, biology and medicine.

Pulsed Transient Plasma Group

Group leader: Dr. Mihai Ganciu-Petcu