Objectives of the project

The general objectives of the project are:
(i) The design and development of vitreous BPG nano-materials by the sol-gel method, coprecipitation and coacervate techniques;
(ii) Nano-structured powders and thin layers obtained by RFMS deposition, from BPG, at lower temperatures;
(iii) High field (G-TW) and very short pulse (fs) laser irradiation on nano-structured BPG coatings for the preparation of meta-materials;
(iv) Complex vitreous materials with negative refractive index in bulk;
(v) Design and development of nano-structured thin films using RFMS and PLD/Ag-thin films on nano-structured BPG surface with negative refractive index;
(vi) Modeling of nano-structure in nano-structured BPG;
(vii) Structural and morphological characterization of the obtained materials and correlation with desired properties;
(viii) Design and manufacturing of new Faraday rotator/ ultrafast opto-magnetic switch prototype using these materials with functional surfaces.