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The National Institute for Laser, Plasma & Radiation Physics (INFLPR) is an independent, national importance research institution established by the Government of Romania. INFLPR was founded in 1977, with the mission to advance the knowledge in several strategic areas of the sciences and technologies related to laser, plasma, and radiation physics. In 1996 INFLPR was reorganized to include the Institute of Space Sciences (ISS).

The institute employs 447 researchers and administrative staff to conduct frontier research ranging from basic photonic materials and high power lasers, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, quantum dots and information technologies, plasma physics and X-ray microtomography to industrial photonics, biophotonics and plasma coatings. ISS branch conducts research on astrophysics, space engineering and gravitation.

INFLPR is pursuing advanced scientific research funded by national and international agencies, private institutions and enterprises.

INFLPR is currently a member of the EURATOM association, a partner in the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), partner in LASERLAB EUROPE, ALICE, and a leader in many projects funded by the EU, NATO, and other international organizations.

INFLPR's governing body is the Board of Trustees, which is assisted by the INFLPR Director and Board of Directors, and by a Scientific Advisory Board.

The Institute currently consists of six large research departments, the Center for Science Education and Training and ISS branch.

Noaptea cercetatorilor: in septembrie se sarbatoreste stiinta (27 Septembrie 2013)

Pe 27 septembrie, ştiinţa va evada din laboratoare in 5 dintre orasele Romaniei, si anume Bucuresti – Magurele, Iasi, Timisoara, Craiova, Cluj, alaturi de alte 300 de orase din Europa. Locatiile din centrele oraselor si din campusurile universitare vor gazdui experimente spectaculoase, conferinţe despre marile mistere ale universului şi concursuri trivia pentru participanţi - toate acestea vor avea loc la "Noaptea cercetătorilor", un eveniment co-organizat de Institutul National de Fizica Laserilor, Plasmei si Radiatiei

Dr. Mihai Ganciu-Petcu has been named Knight in the Order of the Academic Palms

Palmes academiques - Mihai Ganciu-Patcu

On Monday, October 29 2012, Dr. Mihai Ganciu-Petcu has been named Knight in the Order of the Academic Palms by Stanislas Pierret, the Director of the French Institute in Romania (

Dr. Mihai Ganciu-Petcu, Senior Research Scientist I at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, in Magurele, Bucharest, Romania, is the leader of the Pulsed Transient Plasma Group. In 2000, as a Visiting Professor at the University of Paris-Sud, he discovered a process for the production of atomic nitrogen at atmospheric pressure using a new principle for the generation of non-equilibrium plasmas. This result, which has given him the Research Valorization Award of the General Council of Essone in 2004, an US Patent issued in 2007 and an EU Patent issued in 2010, is at the basis of the unique technological start-up founded in France as a result of a French-Romanian scientific cooperation ( )

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